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Did anyone said "mind games?"

Logic with Pinkie Pie is finally out! This will be followed suit by the Sims Episode 3 on the 13th of December!!!
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Xenoblade Main Theme
  • Reading: Discovery Channel Magazine
  • Watching: My Little Pony
  • Playing: Warframe
  • Eating: Crispy Chicken
  • Drinking: Water
Warframe - Mirage Pinkie Pie by Yudhaikeledai
Warframe - Mirage Pinkie Pie

Codex Entry

[NOTE: Access level of Class V or higher is required to read document. Conversation below has been translated to the best of our decoders’ ability. However, tape was heavily damaged upon retrieval. Any unauthorized access to this document will be subjected to Execution Protocol 158-2. This document is not to be shared, talked about or discussed outside of Black Zones.]

Lieutenant Ignis: Squad Eight. Status report. Over.

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: All clear, sir. Nothing unusual to report. Clean Wipe of ship Ivron still in progress, sir. Over.

Lieutenant Ignis: Report on crew and status of ship. Over.

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: The bodies of the crew members are still in tact, sir. Though there are a few anomalies. Over.

Lieutenant Ignis: ...Want to explain them, private? Over.

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: Apologies sir. I was distracted by the wounds on this crewman. He appears to have been shot, but half of the bullets seem to be made of… umm… p-plastic confetti, sir. Over.

Lieutenant Ignis: D-did I hear that right, private? Confetti? Like those used for celebrations?

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: Yes, sir. Not only that, but the ship is perfectly in tact. Not one stray bullet or dent in any part of the ship that we can see. Other than some small explosion marks near the control panels and storage containers. It’s so strange. Over.

Lieutenant Ignis: Focus on the task at hand, private. Just wipe this ship, initiate the protocol on the ship’s systems and evacuate.

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: Yes, sir.

[One hour and thirty-three minutes pass.]

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: Sir, Crewman #991-22C is initiating protocol as we speak. Over.

Lieutenant Ignis: Good. I expect extraction in twen—

[An explosion is heard]

Lieutenant Ignis: Private! What was that!

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: T-the console, sir! exploded as soon as his hand touched the display!

Lieutenant Ignis: What!? T-that’s not possible! Did you check the console for explosives, private!? Over!

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: Yes, sir! Multiple times! W-what should we do now, sir? Over!

Lieutenant Ignis: Extract! Extract immediately, private! Now!

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: Y-yes, s—

[Screaming, assumed to be the other crewmen, can be heard, accompanied with a soft humming.]

Lieutenant Ignis: Private! Report! I repeat, status report!

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: O-oh god! Oh god what is that!?

[More screaming can be heard, followed by loud gunfire from (assumed) Crewman #982-01A’s gun. All the while laughter is heard getting louder and louder.]

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: We can’t hit her! T-the shadows! It’s protecting her! Sir! Send help!

Lieutenant Ignis: Private! Private, hold on!

Corpus Crewman #982-01A: O-oh-ahhh! The light! Ahhhhhh!!!

Lieutenant Ignis: Private! Private!

[A loud screaming is heard, before radio silence continues for 88 seconds. The silence is interrupted by the sound of laughing.]

??? (In a low mocking tone, imitating that of Corpus Crewman #982-01A): You should send more, sir! Somepony who can put up more of a fight sir! These guys aren’t fun sir! (Back in her normal voice) Hehe okay bye!

[Static followed by silence once again. It is assumed at this point that the unknown entity has destroyed the radio.]

Lieutenant Ignis: ...Secretary Loph?

Secretary Loph: Yes, sir?

Lieutenant Ignis: Prepare a crew to Clean Wipe Ivron please.

Secretary Loph: Again, sir? That would be the fourth one this week. Are the others alright?

Lieutenant Ignis: ...Would you like to join the crew to find out?

Secretary Loph: (long pause) No, sir. I’ll prepare the crew immediately.

Lieutenant Ignis: Good. Thank you, Miss Loph.

[End Transmission]


Codex Entry written by :iconsycharge: who also kindly wrote several dota lores previously!

Had trouble with this particular frame, as I previously felt Pinkie fits Loki quite a bit. Still, it's just too good to pass, the perfect frame for the party pony! For one, I haven't tried out Mirage, though a regular party member and friend of mine :iconairchi: has displayed how effective this frame can be. Can't wait to get it :D

Also... This particular deviation holds a special place within me. :iconsycharge: managed to commission Andy Price (illustrator of the My Little Pony IDW comics) as he visited Singapore. It was a gift for me just before he entered Singapore "National Service," a sketch of Pinkie Pie in a Mirage Warframe, by Mr. Price, as shown in this image… . Immediately without hesitation, I worked on this wallpaper based on the gift he gave me ^^ Thank you so much Sycharge, it was very awesome of you to take your time to get me this.
Warframe - Zephyr Rainbow Dash by Yudhaikeledai
Warframe - Zephyr Rainbow Dash

Codex Entry

“So… this… this pony—” he spoke to me, a look of half disbelief and half insanity as he stared into my eyes.

“No, no longer a pony. We call them Tenno,” I corrected him, only to receive an irritated glare in return. Yet I couldn’t blame him, just last week I probably would have made the same mistake.

“Right. So this ‘Tenno’ you saw, why was he so special?”

She,” I gazed back at his increasingly agitated frown, “was flying around the field like… like she was made of wind!”

He lifted the mug and slurped the drink, his gaze unwavering at he analyzed my expression. “Look, Aileen, it’s normal for ponies who have undergone traumatic events to see things that aren’t there.” I swiftly tossed my head back into the chair, scoffing as he continued. “What I’m saying is, these sort of things are...fairytales. These ‘Tenno’ don’t exist, alright?”

“Don’t exist…” I angrily repeated the words to myself, tapping my left hindhoof impatiently on the floor. “Doctor, if I’m crazy, because let’s face it, that’s what you think of me.” I waved my hoof, brushing off his shocked expression. Whether those large eyes were real or fake didn’t matter in the slightest to me. “Then tell me one thing, aren’t crazy patients supposed to have some sort of pattern? So you can diagnose what disorder they’re suffering from?”

“Well, yes. Typically—”

“Then what am I suffering from, Doc?” I readjusted myself on the seat, leaning further forward.

“You have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Which are normal for one who almost suffocated in space.”

“Symptoms? Or symptom?”

Silence enveloped us after I asked my question. Even the continuous flipping of the papers on his clipboard ceased, leaving the room in a state of quiet I had never seen before.

“Miss Aileen, regardless of whether its one or numerous, the things you describe just don’t make sense.” This time, it was the tapping of his pen on the board that echoed to my ears. “This ‘Tenno’ was flying through the air as h- she was holding you. Bullets didn’t seem to hit it or even graze you and she was able to hold off an entire platoon of Grineer by summoning forth multiple tornados? This...this is all too wild.”

I placed my hooves over my eyes, giving a heavy sigh, hearing his voice continue to speak, “Last but not least you said she had a multicolored mane? Like a rainbow?”

That was what was most unbelievable about that story, Doc? I thought to myself, hearing him still go on.

“I’m sure that if anypony exists like that, you wouldn’t be the only one to report on her.”

I didn’t say a word. What was the point? He would dismiss it anyway. He would use my ‘disorder’ against me, as the tipping point for any argument I might make, just so he wouldn’t have to.

“Maybe it’s best if we continue this next week. When you’re well rested and hopefully at a better mind.”

I pushed myself up and quickly trotted towards the door, not wanting to waste anymore breath with him. As the sound of the papers on his clipboard flipping close resonated through the room, I could only hear him call out one last time before I closed the door.

“And be sure to keep this to yourself, Miss Aileen.” I paused, the door slightly ajar as rage seethed in me. “We wouldn’t want anypony else to know about your disorder. You understand right?” I lightly pulled the door shut, a smirk forming on my lips as he spoke the last words I heard.

“For your own safety.”


Codex Entry written by :iconsycharge: who also kindly wrote several dota lores previously!

So I didn't have much time to animate much lately, with university and stuff. On the other hand, I managed to find that little bit of time to do something which I have wanted to work on since nearly a year ago. Discovered warframe one year ago thanks to my friend :iconairchi: and inbetween free times, I had fun with it :D This particular frame, Zephyr is one of my personal favourites, being a fan of flight as well as mobility (yes, I don't like Hobbled keys thank you).

While waiting for my animation projects to come to fruitation (3 of them in the works), as well as that dota mod, for now enjoy these, supposedly, wallpapers ^^


Howdy People! I haven't been updated my journal for a LONG time.

I've been working on a couple of projects right now, all of which are nearing completion. Got some info here on my tumblr…

Now I'm wondering though, currently I have a fast enough internet, and in between university studies (Yes I'm in University now! I'm now attending "National University of Singapore ~ NUS") I wish to try something new to add that little motivation to animating. I'll be honest, I can be a little awkward speaking in front of the public, and while I have ran some stream tests, I dunno if that's sufficient ^^;

So what do you guys think? Shall I stream?


Link to the Dota 2 pony mod…
Yes the team is still working on it :D We'll release more content for this once we got a couple more heroes on the roster.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Shovel Knight: Strike the Earth!
  • Reading: Maths Homework
  • Watching: My Little Pony
  • Playing: Warframe
  • Eating: Crispy Chicken
  • Drinking: Water
Did anyone said "mind games?"

Logic with Pinkie Pie is finally out! This will be followed suit by the Sims Episode 3 on the 13th of December!!!
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Xenoblade Main Theme
  • Reading: Discovery Channel Magazine
  • Watching: My Little Pony
  • Playing: Warframe
  • Eating: Crispy Chicken
  • Drinking: Water


Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation

nOOb here. Uh yeah... Let me introduce myself. I'm YudhaiKeledai (literally translates to you die donkey. yudhai sounds similar to both my name and you die. keledai in bahasa indonesia means donkey. people call me like that back there in the olden days). My full name? Let me just tell you my initials: Y. E. K. Y. P. Nope, not telling you, cause I fear that it might just make your life harder ^^; Its a 5 words name...
I'm into cartoons and for this time, My Little Pony is my favourite cartoon. I'm just a student and i am an animator. A nOOb animator, if i may say. I've been animating since a few years ago but its only now that i'm able to create (barely) decent animations. The problem is that i'm overly relying on the program Flash (MX 2004, 8, and CS3); drawing or animating. I can also, to some extent, do a little 3D modelling using Cinema 4D at the tip of the warhead. I'm somewhat an airforce addict with a love for jet fighters and air tactics. Well then, that's a bit about me. Nice to meet y'all!!!

So what's my name?
Yudhaikeledai! Well, that's my alias. People either call me "Yohanes" or my nickname "Yudhi".

Where did the alias came from?
Well, it was one name that people usually call me during that old days. It came from the "Yudhi" nickname, and Keledai which means donkey.

Where do i live?
Indonesia; Currently in Singapore for studies

Flash animating, Computer Gaming, Reading, many others.

Favourite Subject?
Physics, Maths, Astronomy (although i only know a bit)

Favourite cartoon character: Tintin, Asterix, Winnie the Pooh, Yoshi, Pinkie Pie many others.

Personal Quote: To improve, to inovate,and most importantly, to entertain others.

Twilight Sparkle

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You have a number of socks of any color and another number of socks in your drawer.

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I'm pretty sure Rarity would have a dramatic breakdown and act like the Most Dramatic Pony. :) That would be your next episode... if the series will continue, that is. ^^;

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