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March 2, 2013
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I feel the need to go back to the basic as some exercise, then I look back, why don't I continue my Starcraft portrait series?

Youtube Version at: [link]
This version has idle animations but lacks an introduction video, and might not be accessible to browsers without flash - and it goes a little slow on slower coms.

So Heart of the Swarm is coming? Which leads me to a dilemma, should I go with Princess Luna as an Oracle instead? Nah, let's keep her Templar. In the end though, her DT design is a cross between the Oracle and the DT, seeing that it's a little hard attaching that mask on to her. Also I'm sure though that Luna is especially powerful if she's a Dark Templar - so let's throw her a psionic storm. DTs are now OP.

Speaking of her Design... [link]
This is her original DT design back a year ago

Now I gotta be honest, I'm no good when playing Protoss, not that I play them often anyway. So I'm not exactly sure how the Dark Templar plays. But I've seen a friend of mine utilise them in SC 1, and it's glorious.

After this, I'll also be attempting to remake Rainbow Dash in a banshee, and I'll make that one special ^^ After that though, I don't know if I will continue the SC Portrait series... Do you think I should?

3 Idle animations, 13 Active animations are available

Starcraft II (C) Blizzard
MLP:FiM (C) Hasbro

Those Hydralisks made good practice!

Other Unit Portraits:

:iconapplejackplz: - Terran SCV . Space Construction Vehicle: [link]

:iconmedicshyyayplz: - Terran Medivac: [link]

:iconso-awesomeplz: - Terran Banshee: [link]

:iconpinkiepienoesplz: - Terran Thor: [link]

:iconrarityplz: - Terran Battlecruiser: [link]

:icontwilightcrazyplz: - Terran Ghost: [link]
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CONGRATULATIONS Yudhaikeledai  for the lunar republic you have made it to the VERY TOP of art!!!! no one else can surpass it because its also animated and interactive! Congrats! :D (Big Grin) +fav Added to my devWatch!   Great job!:iconmnrthumbsupplz: and know you are the best there is in the devotion for princess Luna OUTSTANDING WORK everyone should hear about your amazing animated interactive art!:thumbsup: revamp

This is awesome.

That is all.

Who is in the voice actress? No credits or it was taking from the Tv show?
"From the shadows I come!"
 This is pure genius.  I wish I had your talent. 
My top favourite of them all!
IceLightning24 Dec 12, 2013  Student Photographer
Whoa, Luna looks so awesome as Protoss...

Greepy, but awesome <3
and Luna should watch out Ezio (from Assassin,s creed) is Coming PS i think Luna would probably be the leader of the Templar,s
just looks t cool to  not be leader

and i think the battle would be EPIC Assasin's Creed leap of faith  ::Fight me like a boss::
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! I cant wait to see more and best animation EVER!!!!!!!!
celestia help us all xD haha owned 
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