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October 4, 2013
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MLP Dota 2 Animated Card: Queen of Pain by Yudhaikeledai MLP Dota 2 Animated Card: Queen of Pain by Yudhaikeledai
Vinyl Scratch / DJPON-3 as the Queen of Pain

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Role: Nuker, Escape, Carry

Vinyl Scratch was a world famous DJ, renowned for her night parties and her skills at the booth. However, when Chaos threatened the world, Vinyl turned her talents at dropping beats to drop the forces that dared threatened the village she called home. By modifying her speakers, she was able to wield the power of sound to her advantage such as creating sonic waves large enough to raise earth and fell armies. After successfully defending Ponyville, Vinyl pledged her allegiance to the side of Light and Harmony, doing whatever was in her power to stop the forces of Chaos.

Vinyl started to participate in small skirmishes around Equestria, her speakers doing tremendous amount of damage to the forces of Chaos. Soon, her mere presence struck fear into the hearts of enemy forces, causing them to retreat at full speed from any battle that may be taking place. Vinyl’s power grew legendary among the ponies and many drinks were drunk in her honor. For almost any other pony, this would have been the greatest treatment ever, but for Vinyl, it wasn’t enough.

Being a musician, Vinyl sought to refine and improve. To grow and be the greatest musician to ever live. This major drive would have been great, had it not blinded her to her surroundings. She soon stopped caring about her friends, her thirst for growth becoming a dark obsession which soon took over her life. She would test day and night, going to every battle to try to inflict the most pain she could on the enemy soldiers with her boombox. This fascination of pain and sound made her even forget about Octavia, her closest friend, and failed to wonder why the grey mare was going out more frequently than usual.

However, one day, Vinyl found that she could improve no longer. The forces of Chaos dared not engage where Vinyl might be, and she found herself starving for subjects to test her devices and talents on. Realizing that the only ponies left were those on the side of Harmony, she slinked away unnoticed and joined the forces of Chaos. Discord granted the fearsome unicorn the complete control of sound and torment, merging all the powers she had forged in her boombox to her voice.

When Vinyl emerged onto the battlefields, the forces of Harmony stood trembling as she zipped around the battlefield, ear-shattering screams and poisoned daggers eliminating the bulk of the army. The unfortunate few soldiers left were rumored to be finished off with a scream so powerful, that it turned anything that was hit by it to a few specks of dust.

A fearsome shadow on the battlefield, the soldiers on the side of Harmony have dubbed her the Queen of Pain. And for Vinyl, she is more than happy to wear the crown.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… For the real Queen of Pain

Her Lore was written by :iconyudhaikeledai: and :iconsycharge:

This animated card is part of a dota 2 ponification series; The whole set can be seen at this… !
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