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March 16, 2012
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:iconcavejohnsonplz::iconsaysplz: THANK YOU CELESTIA!!! I was worried that we'd be unable to build a branch here in Ponyville; that is until our dearest Princesses offered us their old castle as our HQ. Did a little fixing here and there, install a brand new test track and voila! Aperture Science is up and running in Ponyville! Oh, and something else, we're also selling our brand new "you customise it" line of Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device for only 80 bi...
:iconcarolineportalplz::iconsaysplz: Uh sir? Shouldn't we go straight to testing?
:iconcavejohnsonplz::iconsaysplz: Oh... yeah, testing. We're trying cooperative testing today. What I know is that ponies usually cannot be trusted. But what about the alicorn sisters? Will they have that extra 6 seconds of cooperation? bet my bottom bit they won't.


This one is a doozy ^^; 3 new character bodyparts (Celestia, Cave and Caroline), all new backgrounds... No wonder I'm a week behind schedule. I'm tardy :icontwilightcrazyplz: This one undergoes 3 title changes from "I know you know I know," to "In the name of Science," to this one. Another unimportant fact: this one is the most portal-esque compared to the others :)

And of course you might notice a quality drop compared "Rainbow Highway." I could blame it to the sisters who are quite difficult to bring alive, but I have to blame myself for not putting that 142% effort on this particular one. You may slap me now.

Speaking of which, Feedback and/or critique is most welcome. And please don't hold back, if you think I deserve some scolding and constructive criticism, go hard on me.

Next up... Well it depends. I can close the series at Mark 6 with Twilight's revenge or I can add one more with Fluttershy being forever alone, bringing it to 7. Your pick?


I was wishing to begin a new series; however, this one is different. Now I know that I like to work on my own... But then what I'm planning actually requires voice actors - most urgent being probably Gilda and Rainbow. I hope its not too much to ask, but will it be ok if I ask you guys to help me with a little VA in the close future?

Music: Reunion [link] and Forwarding the Cause of Science [link] fresh from the ovens of Portal 2 by Valve

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
Portal (c) Valve

Program used: Macromedia Flash 8

Other thinking with portals:

:iconderpynoesplz: Postal: [link]

:iconpinkieismindfckedplz: Prank: [link]

:iconapplejacknoesplz::iconapplebloomplz::iconeeyupplz: Maintenance: [link]

:iconrainbowdashderpplz: Rainbow Highway: [link]

:iconfluttercryplz:Home Alone: [link]

:iconcavejohnsonplz::iconsaysplz: Uhh... Twilight, that way is to the Repulsio... Damn... That's the 3rd Test subject to get covered by the Repulsion gel...
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Vision... what can I say you made the sisters come alive on this one. The Cave Johnson and his Wife Caroline ponyfied was a great touch. I give it a a 4 for the use of all that and the old castle as the new staging grounds for Aperture Science Labs.

Originality: Well it was really fun to watch but it felt pretty basic. The Celestia gains 42 science collaboration points was probably the most original part of this. I give it a 3.5 since it was still fun and creative for what it was. I feel you could of been better creative with the sisterly rivalry. Guess new Luna isn't as prankster worthy as her pre-canon days :P

Technique: not as clean as your past videos. Lots of glaring visual mistakes like the more than visible lines on CJ's mount every time he talked, the parts on his hind-leg that seem to detach themselves and other such seemingly obvious errors in the animation. Compared to your last ones I give your technique 3.5, because at the very least I found the sisters very well animated and the classic cartoon eye lottery machine eyes cha-ching! spins were pretty nice.

Impact: I guess I kept waiting too much on Luna to retaliate than simply hang there the whole time as Celestia grabbed the cake, and make Luna slam her face to the ground at mach 6 speeds. Also being distracted by CJ's oddly animated lines on his mouth just took some of the impact away.

From I guess expecting the video to be longer then it turned out expecting some wacky creative sisterly prankster fest to go around, I guess part of the impact was me disappointing myself expecting too much.

My own personal impact well not much. I guess a 3 star neutral rating of enjoying it but not much INTO it. Loved the setup but I felt like something big was going to happen and until that Twilight that simply came out of bucking no where I was not really surprised by much. On that note though Twilight coming into contact with the propulsion jell was expected, what wasn't is how the buck did she get into it in the first place?
You normally show her accidentally falling victim to this due to others careless placement of pranking. This was just felt like a cop-out.

Sorry, I didn't mean to make that sound mean, just I guess I expected your usual flare for creative use and finding ways to screw over Twilight xD
I guess your heart just wasn't into this one much since you seem to love animation and testing how far you can to with these. I guess with all that the impact on disappointment would be a 4 knocking a half star to that 3 I guess =(
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Eagerly awaited this one and the antics didn't disappoint between Celestia and Luna with the sisterly competition between them. The overall story has a great premise and it is good to see the older castle opposed to the new one. It really feels like since the mane6 retrieved the elements of harmony the old castle just doesn't exist anymore.

I did find a few errors such as Johnson's smile where his teeth overlap his lips instead of going behind them. Also when Luna is dangling there I found some errors, but it was good that her..I guess chest plate stayed in place.

Loved the ending with Luna getting revenge using the companion cube. Might have done things a "tiny" bit differently where it showed Celestia staring a Luna with the little princess having a sheepish grin. Celestia would have several holes in her hair from the turrets that shot at her. Twilight was a nice touch bouncing around with Johnson talking about the repulsion gel.

Definitely can't wait to see some revenge with Twilight.
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Prince-Sapphire Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Celestia and Luna got magic. Why do they need a portal gun?
And Luna has wings, she was technically dumb.
ElisaArt-CzWolf Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Clelestia is Bad :( :I :'(
Wolfthewerehog Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Lost-Our-Dreams Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist


But Luna has wings, she could've just flown away from the infinite hole .-. Still epiclicious though xD

ApertureInnovations Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
we all have that one friend...
MLPfan4life Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Why does Twi get recently injured?
Ghost1lover Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
Love it!! XD
R4lNB0W Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wolfthewerehog Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
OfficialDJ-PON-3 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013
OMG two best sisters play :D
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