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MLP Dota 2 Animated Card: Storm Spirit by Yudhaikeledai MLP Dota 2 Animated Card: Storm Spirit by Yudhaikeledai
Rainbow Dash the Storm Spirit

Main Attribute: Intelligence (?)
Role: Carry, Initiator, Escape, Disabler

"You know, life as a Weather Manager isn’t easy. Not only do I have to organize the weather team, the weather schedule and deal with unexpected sky conditions, but every second I’m working my flank off is a second I’m not practising for the Wonderbolts! You’d think we would have control over every aspect of the weather, but you’d be wrong. Strange things can happen that can, and will, turn your life around in the most unexpected of ways.

I remember this one time I was trying to clear this really huge storm cloud drifting straight from the Everfree Forest! Of course, being me, I dived in head first and, before I knew it, I was blown around like a ragdoll! I was tossed around for what seemed like forever until I heard a loud snap on my wings and then... black.

You’d think that’d be the weirdest thing, Rainbow Dash not being able to handle a storm, but believe it or not, things got weirder. I heard soft whispers in my mind, some odd voice who introduced himself, or herself... itself as the ‘Sentient Storm of the Everfree.’ Something about being born every hundred moons from the Everfree, rampaging all across Equestria before vanishing as oddly as it came.

It whispered how it was ‘amused’ by my attempt to stop it! Can you believe that? So, being the fearless pegasus that I was, I challenged that voice. I talked to it through my thoughts. I mean, it wasn’t like I could speak, much less move, in real life. It muttered back in a soft tone about admiring my bravery and loyalty to my friends. Then just... silence. No words, no thoughts, I thought he had left me for dead.

When I woke up, I felt something charging through me; boundless energy coursing through my veins. It was like that time Pinkie had spiked the cupcakes with her signature super-sugar and- I’m getting off topic. Anyway, with a few flicks of my hooves, I could see blue sparks, hear roaring thunder and rain the largest of storms. All of that was cool and all, but there was only one thing that made it all perfect: my wings were good as new!

And now... well, let’s just say that the ‘Sentient Storm of the Everfree’ has just became the ‘Sentient Storm of Equestria’."

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… for the real Storm Spirit

Lore edited by :iconsycharge:

This animated card is part of a dota 2 ponification series; The whole set can be seen at this… !
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jvdbrony Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016
Stoooooooorm Spirit
Guard1234 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
The only thing I agree is its abilities or skills, and there's one example:

Storm Spirit's Ult: Lightning Ball

Rainbow Dash's Ult: Sonic Rainboom
jvdbrony Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016
BlastoiseBlue Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Is it bad that I read the lore in Raijin Thunderkeg's voice?
Ursa-Warrior Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
"I only want rainbow tangos in my dressing room!"
Raxyz Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014
It's the only one I don't quite agree. Sure, Storm's ult have a similarity with Rainbow's speed, but being a Int hero, with focus on spells, an absurd amount of mana needed and not much health doesn't do Rainbow Dash justice. I believe Spirit Breaker is a far more accurate match. It's a Str hero with focus on movement speed as damage, and Charge of Darkness fills up the "Dash" requisite.
Rainbowfallout Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015
I'd have to agree.
Spirit Breaker is about direct, brash, action, knocking things around, and great speed, along with the raw physicality that suits RD. Storm spirit is about small explosive surges of manic energy, teleporting, making copies of oneself. This is something I'd compare more to the actions of pinkie or insane!twilight than RD's speed.
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Orangecraz Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
Nice reference. I love a good creative hate comment.
GreeL8 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
cutie mark crusader   TECHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tash3308 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
This is so amzing! My favorite is Storm Spirit
FanArtIsAmazing Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Student Artist
pony-strike Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
asdf314159265 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
I love this
Toonicorn Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hasbro should TOTALLY make a real game out of this. It could be developed into two versions: one for young children, and another for older kids and adults. I bet it'd sell like crazy. Just looking at these cards, I wanna play this soooooooooo bad!
I3AS Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
Man, it's just DOTA 2 character, ponificated. Hasbro can't make a game out of it because valve own DOTA2 and they will not let someone earn money on their project
TeddyBear101ish Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Well it is a MOBA game which is a genre of games. They could make it their own since they have the characters to do it. Add a different story and bam, Pony MOBA game.
doomnight38 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
It exists its called dota 2, this is fan art of both brony dom and dota 2
MegaPatron Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
So awesome!
Nereithr Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
I love this. Fits her to a T and hey, she is the head of the weather in Ponyville, so it's highly incorrect to count her as stupid.

What i don't understand is why AJ is windrunner. They are both one with the nature, but in completely different ways. And the personalities are miles away.

I hope you continue doing even more awesome stuff.
northerntoe Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
Scootaloo : Manipulates nightmares after an encounter with a dark goddess.........

What does a Nightmare cutie mark look like anyway?

That or she just finds The actual Bane in the realm of nightmares and asked for help.

Sweetie belle: Naga siren? / Queen of pain?

Applebloom: Only way to keep up with her siblings she. Constructed a Suit of armor that allowed to spread havoc on the battlefield



"Hey I got My KS cutie mark"
M-3-A-L-M-I Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
These 3 are planned as the Techies!
ZigriS Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
,,Feel the wind in your hair! Storm Spirit has arrived!''
,,Ooh, who's that handsome devil?''
,,Rainbow Dash the Storm Spirit!''

I think Dashie's personality and character matches Rajinn Thunderkerg perfectly.
Stormius Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
Eh, I see why some say she's the Storm Spirit, but she would fit much better as Razor, I reckon. I mean, main attribute: agility, a shockwave of lighting, move speed, and summoning an entire thunderstorm..
Yudhaikeledai Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Now what about their personalities? Yes Razor and Rainbow has some things in common - in abilities; but in personality they are very much different. Razor is sadistic, and took satisfaction in his dark job of guarding the Narrow Maze.

Storm Spirit on the other hand, fits Rainbow to a T. Both are mischievous, and rather jolly. Both admire and always compliment themselves ("Oooh, who's that handsome devil!"). Even their play style is similar - jumping right into the middle of the action in order to deliver the hurt; Razor on the other hand plays more conservatively, instead of a game play full of suspense like Storm Spirit (and RD) is.
Stormius Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013
Personality-wise, I suppose you have a point(although I wouldn't exactly call RD "jolly"), but I still maintain that ability-wise, Razor is a better fit overall.
AaronMk Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
These are all fucking brilliant.
FLAVIO120 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
Derpy was better as the Storm Spirit.
Guardsmenepidemic Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
I am utterly mind blown. You, my friend, take these fan made lore to a more personal level, which makes the ponies have a more rich background now. It's like reading Dota lore, but has a striving goal to make readers have an insatiable hunger to chew through it tenderly. Marvelously done, good sir.
Thekoreanog Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
i thought lighting dust would be a better canadate but okay
Dinaida Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
What it has in common with the sniper? I think she looks more like Drow Ranger. They similar colors :)
Good luck :)
GamziMakr Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So I always see some people who play DotA 2 players raging on League of Legends videos, saying how horrible LoL is and how everyone who plays it are "gay fags". Does it happen the other way around?
Dinaida Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Great!!! Waiting Rarity as Queen of pain.
Yudhaikeledai Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Rarity is much better as a, and will be Sniper :) (Or Templar Assassin, still deciding)
NightSen Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student Artist
Rainbow Dash doesn't have to be Intelligence!

Her Skills are Agi! Haha,

Just add some Cooldown and some adjustment to her Ulti Ball.
mattwo Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have reason to believe Storm Spirit was originally a pandaren brewmaster.
Rainbroach Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
These are so amazing, you're making leaps and bounds with your animations. Now if only there were something relevant to good old Pudge from Dota 2 in all this. :giggle:
Raydhen Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Umm... Pinkamena?
Rainbroach Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
"It's CUPCAKE time!"
"Eeere's Pink!"
AbaraiTheSlicer Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Pinkie is already a hero; Gyrocopter. :3
Rainbroach Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Point made.
TheBronywholikesGTA Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
what the hell is "DoTa"
M-3-A-L-M-I Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
DOTA means Defense of the Ancients! It's a real-time strategy game with plenty of heroes to boot off. DOTA2 is playable on steam. Wanna play it? Add me and I'll give you a key. LE_MALEM is my steam name.
Maddog3060 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
WeirdPonyGuy Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
I bet she loves annoying everyone with her Ball Lighting.
Lookin for me?
Let the fun begin!
I'm over here!
Over here now!
Here I am!
Ha ha!
Yudhaikeledai Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Other than that, imagine her using Static Remnant to admire her awesome self XD
Oooh, who's that handsome devil!
FanatSors Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
>Main Attribute: Intelligence (?)
rofl'ed at that question mark xD
Woho! Whos that dashin fella
Greenrob Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
20% Cooler
Dobrodobro Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
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